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Palladium Books still is trouble

Around a year ago Palladium Books began having trouble as a company. This came in the form of bad sales due to what many considered second rate products, botched jobs by the printers, and apparent theft from within. Despite begging loyal fans for funds without reimbursements (i.e. Discounted prints of books which they had overstocked on in their warehouse) or promisery notes for funds returned plus intrest, the company is still not back in the black. It leaves one to wonder if Kevin Siembieda is still the right man to lead this once powerful company despite being the Lead Creator/Designer behind their most popular title to date. Perhaps its time he stepped down from a leadership role and focused more of his time on Game design, where he seems to shine. Atleast, that is the way I see it.

The latest press release can be read here.

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