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A Great Idea for the on the go Game Master

Normally we here at the Game Master Foundation would not automatically post an idea that we have not already discussed among ourselves on our forums, but this is one of those great little projects that makes planning so easy I just had to share it with our readers. It is called The $4 Gamemaster Kit and was developed by the writer of Strange Vistas blog found here on WordPress. And I have to say that it is an ingenious idea. After all how many times have you been out of your house without your GM Notebook and had a great idea come to you only to not be able to remember what it was once you got home? This happens to me far more often than I like to admit. And for that reason I will be going to my local office supply store today and picking up the items to create one of these for myself today.

Now I just need to be able to make a copy of The GMF Notebook that will fit in my pocket as well and I’ll be set.


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