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GMF Podcast Episode 6 – House Rules

House Rules by Joshua Giles.

The GMF Podcast Episode 6 – House Rules


One Response to “GMF Podcast Episode 6 – House Rules”

  1. When do you need house rules?
    When is the system you’re using not working for you but hindering you?

    The following will be somewhat short and superficial but it will have to do for the moment. I always remember what (I think) was called “the Monarda rule” in Nobilis (another rpg). Basically it said that the answer to a “can I do this?” or “I want to try this” question from one of your players should never be an outright “no”. The three paths you could usually use are: “yes” (but that’s a no brainer) … “yes … but” and “how (and sometimes why) would you do that?”.

    Bearing that in mind, there should be no thing that, being grounded in the shared knowledge of the story that you create with your fellow players, you think would be reasonable to do … but the system wouldn’t allow. And EVEN the things the systems will not allow should always respond to the Monarda law.

    However … this doesn’t really apply to D&D (I’ve only played 3rd, 3.5 and 4th edition) … as it’s. Well it’s a different kind of game (of course not the only one, just the most recognizable one) … which is not *only* a roleplaying game but also a tactical/strategy one … and the second aspect trumps over the first one. Which is my way to fend off the possible yells from that direction.

    Take care.

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