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GMF Podcast Episode 3

May 17, 2008

Here is Episode 3 of the GMF Podcast in which we discuss How to handle distractions at the gaming table. And we answer an email quest from Andy in Michigan. Remember you can subscribe to the GMF podcast through Itunes or your favorite podcatcher software. You can find the RSS feed for your podcatcher at […]

GMF Podcast Episode 2

May 11, 2008

Here is episode 2 of the Game Master Foundation Podcast, in which we discuss the fine art of winging it. GMF Podcast Episode 2 – Winging It

New Content coming

April 5, 2008

We here at the GMF are busy behind the scenes working on new content to help you become the best Game Master you can possibly be. Stay tuned for updates that will be coming soon, and we think that you will really enjoy it.