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GMF Podcast Episode 3

Here is Episode 3 of the GMF Podcast in which we discuss How to handle distractions at the gaming table. And we answer an email quest from Andy in Michigan. Remember you can subscribe to the GMF podcast through Itunes or your favorite podcatcher software. You can find the RSS feed for your podcatcher at . And now on with the show.

GMF Podcast Episode 3 – Distractions


One Response to “GMF Podcast Episode 3”

  1. Rubber chickens would just cause more distraction at my table, but it would be hilarious!

    When people text when gaming, they incur a -10 penalty on their next roll. Penalties do not stack, but are applied to subsequent rolls if texting persists. Answering the phone is alright, calling someone is not. That’s how it goes when I’m DMing anyway.

    Hearing ‘rocket launcher’ among ‘gold pieces’ and ‘magic sword’ was great!

    Also: W00T F1R5T P05T!!!1!one!!!BBQ!!! Acknowledgment of the comments, too!

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